Why Use ShineCare?

Why Use ShineCare?

ShineCare are well proven experts in providing support, safety and companionship solutions which are tailored to fit the unique and specific requirements of every person that we serve.

We are a local and reliable company, built upon traditional northern values and work ethos. We work with compassion and integrity and our staff are second to none.

We operate with principles which truly reflect the spirit of Valuing people now and the philosophy of John O’Brien’s five service aspirations, Community Presence and Participation, Respect, Dignity, Informed Choice and Development of Competencies.

Across our range of services we raise people’s hopes, expectations and quality of life by providing a pathway service which accommodates the personal and learning needs of each and every Client within a high quality, expertise led and risk managed care and support framework.

Our Clients are supported to progress in a way that manages risk, including an ability to take safe, positive risks while receiving a structured programme of support. Life skill development is aimed to nurture confidence, competence, positive self concept and the ability to cope safely and appropriately in social situations.

All ShineCare's services benefit from our multi-disciplinary team of professionals who provide for the behavioural, psychological, mental health and social needs of our clients.

Our practice is based upon well-established, evidence-based psychological models and an ethos of continuous assessment and evidenced based outcomes.

We work in conjunction with publicly available services and other health and social care agencies, in a way which, when necessary or deemed appropriate, is mutually compatible with a public protection role.

We are currently rated GOOD from our last CQC inspection.

Our Commitments to You

At ShineCare we believe that having a set of core values and commitments allow us to ensure the quality of our services for you, our clients.
  • We will put your needs first at all times.
  • We respect your uniqueness and individuality.
  • We will be transparent and open in all that we do.
  • We will listen to what you want.
  • We will treat you respectfully at all times.
  • We will keep you safe and happy.
  • We will strive to improve your life and your families lives.
  • Our Digital Platform

    We use a digital platform that helps us to deliver the highest levels of care and keep you fully involved with what is going on.

    Each Carer uses the app on their own smart phone to efficiently make notes on each visit so they spend less time on admin and more time providing care.

    Authorised family members are able to securely login to our family portal to see what is going on and keep involved with the care that is being delivered.

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